Secretly, Eadred grew suspicious of Uhtred, and he ordered Trew to have Uhtred watched. Edward decided to give Uhtred 500 men to set a trap in the forest around Beamfleot, and Uhtred allowed for Hastein's spies to see him marching with 30 men. Hild then spoke with Uhtred, who felt that he had no place. Uhted and Aethelred met with Alfred, telling him that Pyrlig reported 1,000 warriors in London; Aethelred made a poor plan of launching a seaborne attack on the Ludd gate under the cover of darkness, a plan which Uhtred opposed. See more ideas about uhtred of bebbanburg, the last kingdom, alexander dreymon. Uhtred was raised by the Danish Viking leader Earl Ragnar after being orphaned and captured at the Siege of York as a child. He then had his men slightly lift the gate with an oar so that he could get inside, and he then opened the gate himself. Uhtred, having noticed Alfred vomit earlier at the dinner, warned Beocca that Alfred's health was declining, but Beocca reminded Uhtred that he had to continue serving Alfred. May 5, 2019 - Explore Fernando Colares's board "Haircut" on Pinterest. Uhtred arrived in Winchester with Iseult to attend the Witenagemot, and King Alfred had the Witan interrupt a priest's proposal to have a royal bridge-building official to move on to the more important case - Cornwall. Beocca vouched for Uhtred, and took Uhtred and Brida to meet Prince Alfred, as the King was busy. Uhtred sent Sihtric and Rypere to scout out Beamfleot's defenses, planning to rescue Aethelflaed. At a meeting between the Viking leaders and Aelfric, the priest Beocca reunited with Uhtred; he quietly warned the boy that his uncle Aelfric wanted to kill him and become the new Ealdorman. However, Uhtred proceeded to place his shirt over her head and hold her underwater, drowning her. Beocca promised to be by Uhtred's side, and he said that his father would be proud of the younger Uhtred, just as he was. He then told his companions that he needed to find Skade, although Finan warned that she was guarded by 2,000 Danes or more. Sven succeeded in escaping, and Finan approached Sverri and stabbed him through the neck before he could escape. In addition, he would take Uhtred's daughter Stiorra with him. Uhtred then found Mildrith and apologized for leaving her to face their son's death alone, and for giving her a life which led to her becoming a nun. He then had the boys released, as they no longer served a purpose to him, and he and the others prepared to head out to Tettenhall to fight another battle. Uhtred was taken back to Ragnar's new home at Syningthwaite, where he was raised by the Danes. He then ordered that Uhtred's men were to be tied to trees to die slowly, and, when Uhtred asked that he be able to fight Sigtryggr if he wanted him dead, Hastein said that he wanted the honor of killing Uhtred to be his own. Uhtred then reported to King Alfred that Sigefrid and Erik had a fleet and army at Beamfleot and had taken London. A second series of eight episodes was aired on BBC Two in the UK in March 2017. Meanwhile, Eadred secretly sent Brother Trew to meet with Aelfric, who promised to support Guthred with 200 troops against Kjartan in exchange for Uhtred's head. When Fiske found the head, Uhtred rode out of the woods, masked and on horseback, and he sliced off Fiske's head as Kjartan watched. Alfred then told Uhtred that his last act would be to ensure that good men held power. He then convinced her to give him a cupful of blood to save Ragnar from Niflheim, and, when Beocca walked in, he was angry to see them performing a pagan ritual. The next morning, Beocca took Uhtred to meet with King Alfred at his chambers. Aethelflaed then asked Uhtred if he could help her and Erik escape, saying that she was asking Uhtred to save both her and the nations of Wessex and Mercia. Aethelwold then told Uhtred that they were the same, apparent traitors to Wessex, but for good cause. King Alfred thanked Uhtred, saying that both he and Wessex were indebted to him. Ealdwulf the Smith then rushed out to join Uhtred, having lost his wife to disease and his son to drowning, and the trio then returned to Ragnar's side. While Uhtred was training his men, Brida met Ragnar, who had rode to meet her while cloaked and alone. Aelfric ordered the guard to kill Young Uhtred, but Young Uhtred overpowered the guard in a fistfight and held him off until Uhtred himself burst into the courtyard and took Aelfric hostage. 20.01.2016 - Entdecke die Pinnwand „Alexander Dreymon“ von Pamela Ramos. Unsatisfied with Cnut's excuse, Brida stabbed him through the chest with his own sword, and Uhtred then taunted Cnut by saying that both of his sons still lived, and that he would never live to see them grow old. Uhtred and his men fled on ships at the docks, escaping Hastein's men. It is a Grade I listed building. Uhtred decided that they only needed to kill Aelfric for the gates to open, and he returned to Cookham to continue his planning. While riding with his men. However, Uhtred said that they were not the same and never would be, but Aethelwold said that kings would be made and kings would die because of him. Uhtred attempted to convince Ubbe of the truth about Ragnar's death, but Ubbe and Guthrum did not believe him due to his Anglo-Saxon heritage; Uhtred instead witnessed Eadmund of East Anglia's martyrdom and would have also been shot full of arrows had he not shown proof that he had Storri as a hostage. However, he realized that, by now, he only saw Ragnar, Ravn, Rorik, and Brida as his family. That evening, Iseult told Uhtred that she no longer wanted her powers, and the two made love, breaking Iseult's spell. Sable told Uhtred that Aethelred was after the heart of Saint Oswald (which was in Northumbria), and, that once he reunited Oswald's body, Mercia would be returned to greatness. The next day, he again met with Aethelflaed at the stable, where they nearly kissed, although Uhtred warned that he did not want to see her hurt again, as she, like Erik, was someone that she could not be with; he ultimately withdrew from the kiss. However, the next morning he found the survivors lagging behind to pray for the bodies of Mercian noble boys who had been beheaded by the Danes. Uhtred "the Godless" of Bebbanburg (born 856), born Osbert, was an Anglo-Saxon nobleman of Northumbrian origin who served as Lord of Coccham from 880. Uhtred later spoke with Ragnar, who dreamt of taking the land along the River Thames, which his grandfather Ravn had seen as Valhalla on earth. Uhtred and Aldhelm then went with Aethelflaed as she met with her brother, and Uhtred informed Edward that there was talk among the ealdormen of Mercia splitting from Wessex. He had Uhtred and his men tied upside-down from a tree and left Orm and another Viking to ensure that they died, and he then left for Winchester. 15.05.2020 - Erkunde Henning Schönfeldts Pinnwand „the Last Kingdom“ auf Pinterest. Odda, who was opposed to his, met with Uhtred at a tavern, having himself become a drinker. They then rowed to a sanctuary at Athelney, where Alfred's family and other survivors had built homes. Beocca, Uhtred, and their companions searched out Tidman, and they found Aethelwold at the same house. One night, he met Uhtred as well, and Ragnar asked if Uhtred had killed his father; Ragnar refused to answer the question, telling Ragnar that, if he thought he had killed their father, he could come and take his revenge. He also met Oswald, the estate's steward, and he grew suspicious of his portly physique despite the town's poverty. However, he instead learned from Alfred that Ivar the Boneless had been killed in Ireland, and that his brother Ubbe wished to avenge him personally, meaning that he would possibly have to abandon Guthrum. Edward hearing Uhtred's explanation in public. Uhtred heard from Selbix that Ubbe's fleet had arrived, and he tried to fight his way out of the castle, killing a few men. However, when Uhtred asked about Odda, Alfred said that Odda would stand trial as a traitor and would likely be executed, and Alfred ignored Uhtred's pleas to spare Odda. On the boat ride to Bebbanburg, Uhtred and his son sparred over Uhtred' pagan ways, as he cut his arm to sacrifice to the Norse sea goddess Ran to calm the waves. They were released a day later, and Alfred apologized and asked if his apology was enough; Uhtred rudely said that it was not, and that he wanted to be recognized as an Ealdorman. After the ealdormen had left, Edward worried that he was not his father, but Uhtred reassured him, mentioning Alfred's own flight to Somerset in 878. Uhtred snuck into the Danish camp at night, and he waited until Ubbe and a few of his men were distracted and taken to their tents by prostitutes. See more ideas about the last kingdom, uhtred of bebbanburg, alexander dreymon. Uhtred visited Skade that night, and she said that Wessex would become just another song, and that the Danes would rule. It was at the West Saxon camp that Uhtred met King Alfred, intent on asking him about his debts. Uhtred and his men removed their crucifixes at the Tamar River border and dressed in Dane clothing with Dane makeup, and they then crossed into Cornwall. The two of them then shared a moment of sadness. Aethelflaed suggested that she give herself over, but Uhtred told her to never say again that Hastein was telling the truth. All of his men stood out of loyalty to him, and Uhtred was reassured of their support. Dieser Pinnwand folgen 128 Nutzer auf Pinterest. Uhtred then returned to his men and apologized for missing out on wealth and power for his men, but he said that they had something bigger - friendship. Uhtred was ultimately forced to back down by Leofric, and Odda the Elder assured Uhtred that they were safe at his home, where Mildrith had happily stayed earlier in her life. Uhtred was then brought before the Witan to be confirmed as Lord of Mercia, and the Witan voted in favor. Uhtred and his men were forced to flee Bebbanburg, and Uhtred lamented the loss of every family member he ever had; he said that Beocca was the only constant, and that, without Beocca, he had no home. Uhtred attempted to recapture Skade, but Hastein knocked her out and placed her on his horse, escaping with her. However, Uhtred argued that it was the best they could do for Mercia at the moment, and he said that he could protect Aethelflaed and Aelfwynn if he was ruler. King Guthred assembled his earls and declared that a holy army would assemble and march on York with the body of Saint Cuthbert. Uhtred later met Alfred and discovered that Hastein had guaranteed that Bloodhair would leave, and Alfred then sent his sympathies for Gisela's death. She then said that she felt that Mercia needed a ruler who was independent of Wessex, but she left after Father Pyrlig entered the room. He then ordered Finan to find him a cart and haul him to Brida at Dunholm. Uhtred has a penchant for defiant women who have "a spirit like an eagle", a characteristic he has attributed to many a woman. Anmelden. She also expressed her fear that Uhtred would be seen as a tyrant imposed by Wessex. Hastein and Uhtred had a tense moment when he taunted Uhtred about Aethelflaed's daughter (knowing that she was illegitimate) and promised that he would have his revenge on her. Uhtred and his brigands riding in Cornwall. Uhtred snuck out of Bebbanburg in battle armor and rode to York to rejoin his father, and he arrived just in time to witness his father's death in battle. Conversely he dislikes woman who crave order and Christianity, (Æthelflaed and Hild are exceptions). Before Uhtred left, Ubbe told him that, one day, he would kill him. After the end of the campaign in East Anglia, the family returned north to quell a Saxon revolt in Northumbria, and, when the group came to Lindisfarne to search for rebellious monks, Uhtred found that the monks had been giving sanctuary to Weland. Uhtred and Finan advised Edward to fight the Danes at Bedanford, and Edward agreed to - with Uhtred's help - find the words to rally the thegns and ealdormen to fight. Uhtred spoke with Father Beocca, and Uhtred said that Alfred needed to go to Odda the Younger's estate, as Odda commanded the largest fyrd. Uhtred then joined the West Saxons and, as the Danish rear under Hastein passed by, Uhtred led his men in an ambush. Uhtred was infuriated, saying that Alfred had done it to damn him. Uhtred then handed over Skade to Alfred, as she was of value to Bloodhair. See more ideas about the last kingdom, kingdom, uhtred of bebbanburg. Aethelwold told Uhtred that he was seizing a chance to take what was his, and Uhtred told him that his rightful place was the alehouse in Winchester. However, he explained that he had poor eyesight, and then praised the real Guthred. They headed to confront Young Odda at his estate, and Leofric and Uhtred entered his hall at Exeter, where they brought him the order by the King to raise the Somerset fyrd and bring it to Egbert's Stone. Uhtred advised that he send out his priests to rally men from across the land, and they would meet at Egbert's Stone. Uhtred's daughter Stiorra later tricked the riders under Cenric into believing that Uhtred had already taken Aelfwynn to Winchester, and Uhtred later arrived and heard that the ploy had worked. They were pelted with rotten fruit until Alfred ordered the crowd to stop, upon which Aethelwold whispered to Uhtred that he would go first, and that Uhtred owed him. Beocca was angered that Uhtred wanted to focus on his personal feud in addition to Alfred's mission, but Uhtred decided to do Alfred's work first. He told the King of the Danes' plan to launch a surprise attack, and that they would likely seize a grain-rich town such as Abbendum; he advised the King to meet them in battle on the road to Abbendum near Asec's Hill, where the Danes would have to fight uphill. He then killed Brother Osri, and, when Aelfric came down to see what was happening, The guard claimed that Young Uhtred was a spy. He then told Uhtred that he would be spared if he resumed his debt to the Church and had Iseult returned to Cornwall, but Uhtred refused to return Iseult, saying that she would be killed if she returned. Uhtred, enraged, killed several of the Danes before Finan ordered a retreat. Pyrlig supported the idea, as it would provide Edward with a northern foothold and would hold the invading Scots back. That night, Uhtred saw a torch fall from the walls, and he decided to start the attack, unaware that Aelfric had received reinforcements from his long-lost son Wihtgar. Uhtred, Alfred, and Brida watching the Viking fleet retreat. After Ragnar massacred the monks, Uhtred confronted a badly wounded Weland and hacked him to death, eventually severing his head. Brida saved Uhtred from a Dane who tried to kill him, as she also sought vengeance for Ragnar. He gave Alfred news that Aethelflaed was alive, and he asked that Alfred not be present at the negotiations for her release, as this would mean the upping of the price. There, Ealhswith thanked Uhtred for his sacrifice and confessed that he had positive qualities which she had not recognized in the past. Uhtred then pretended to be a Danish soldier, alerting the men to the fires and calling for help. He also advised him to quickly go to Winchester, kneel before King Alfred, and be hailed as the savior of Wessex, warning him that, if he did not go, someone else would. Uhtred was born into status as son of Ealdorman Uhtred, Lord of Bebbanburg and raised to have hatred towards the surrounding kingdoms of Mercia, East Anglia, Wessex, Scotland and the Danes. One day, Uhtred and the others slaves rebelled against their overseer Hakka and killed him and another guard before fleeing into the woods. Aethelflaed convinced Uhtred that, if he could intercept the brothers, he could gain entry into the fortress. Uhtred and his men then returned to Winchester, telling Alfred that the Vikings demanded 3,000 pounds of silver and 500 pounds of gold. He then went into the woods and found Cnut, and the two fought until they were disarmed and forced to wrestle. During a private moment, Uhtred urged Alfred to call for soldiers to form an army for one last, defining battle. Hastein and Bloodhair were greeted by Ragnar, Brida, and Uhtred, as they came to have a peaceful discussion. Read more about this topic:  Uhtred Of Bebbanburg, “He has been described as “an innkeeper who hated his guests, a philosopher, and poet who left no written record of his thought, a despiser of women who gave all he had to one, an aristocrat, a proletarian, a pagan, an arcadian, an atheist, a lover of beauty, and, inadvertently, the stepfather of domestic science in America.””—Administration in the State of Colo, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943), “Elyot: It doesn’t suit women to be promiscuous.Amanda: It doesn’t suit men for women to be promiscuous.”—Noël Coward (1899–1973), “When women kiss it always reminds one of prize-fighters shaking hands.”—H.L. Uhtred was unable to fight back, collapsing of fatigue after a failed swing. Uhtred then planned his own rescue mission, in which he and his 10 men would kill the guards at the docks and help Erik and Aethelflaed with their escape. Uhtred and his companions encamped at High Wycombe, planning to join the army at Bedanford. After Sihtric presented Edward's sons Aelfweard and Aethelstan from the city gates and told Edward that he could choose to save one if he retreated, Uhtred decided to trade himself instead, knowing that the Danes wanted him dead, especially Brida. Uhtred refused to decide on their offer to become King of Mercia, and Aethelred failed to ransom them to leave London. Hastein then told Uhtred that they had a shared desire to have a woman to hump and a piece of land to call their own, and Hastein said that he had once had that with Skade and Beamfleot, only for Uhtred to take both from him. Shortly after the arrival of the troops, Uhtred and Leofric led a raid on Skorpa's fleet near Athelney, burning their ships and stranding Skorpa's army on English soil. Ragnar said that, by abandoning Alfred, he had made it possible to take Wessex. The next day, Thyra came to Beocca's house crying, and she told him that the Saxon man Tidman had insulted her by calling her a "Dane whore". Alfred decided to allow for the duel, and, that night, Uhtred and Leofric had a sad conversation, with Uhtred trying to forget that Leofric was his friend, but still occasionally joking with him. The Danish leaders began to argue over the leadership of the army, but Uhtred recommended Ragnar, the only man everyone could trust, and they agreed. When the Danes attempted to douse the fires, they only spread, and the Danish camp was thrown into confusion. Days later, Iseult succeeded in curing Alfred's sickly infant, the future King Edward the Elder, with Uhtred convincing him that God could work in many ways, including through pagans like Iseult. The next day, Alfred decided to leave Athelney to rally more of Wessex's loyal soldiers for a defining battle against the Danes, although both Queen Ealhswith and Ealdorman Wulfhere were skeptical of the possibility of victory. He then brought up a witness, Brother Asser, who falsely claimed that Uhtred had accompanied Skorpa to Cynwit to sack a new church, kill 15 monks, and steal the golden altar. Uhtred later told Finan that his reputation was waning, and he told Finan that he was finished with battles; he then praised Finan's leadership abilities, while saying that he had lost both his lands and his name and was now nothing. In der Serie „ The Last Kingdom “ ist Uhtred von Bebbanburg die Hauptperson und dessen Geschichte wird demnach erzählt. Uhtred and his friends were let in by Father Pyrlig, who helped them enter through a side gate during Aethelred's funeral. Ultimately, he was forced to have his men arrest and interrogate Uhtred, and Cenric severely beat him in an attempt to discover Aelfwynn's location. Beocca later spoke with Uhtred as he was preparing for battle, asking him about his intentions. When Bjorgulf refused, Uhtred threw down a headless body and threatened to kill the other son if Bjorgulf still refused to leave. Young Uhtred decided that this was why Uhtred's men would always him, and decided that it was also why he, too, would follow his father. Finan then told Uhtred that Sihtric had left with the prisoners, but Uhtred showed no reaction. Brida said that he was a whore to the crown of Alred, and Ragnar felt betrayed that Uhtred was again betraying him. However, the two companions ultimately convinced Uhtred to continue on their quest. Saved by Erra Nash Wilson. There, Sihtric decided to make a bargain with Uhtred, comparing their situations as landless men. After passing between the Britons and the Anglo-Saxons three times, the fort came under … Nov 15, 2020 - Explore Marsha Carew's board "The Last Kingdom" on Pinterest. Meanwhile, Bloodhair's men attacked Alton, burning the town to the ground and slaughtering its inhabitants. The West Saxon soldiers pressed forwards as well, and Guthrum ordered a retreat. Walking alone, Guthred told Uhtred that he was going to be baptized and would marry a Saxon woman to unite his subjects; he then suggested that Uhtred marry his sister Gisela, and Uhtred would secretly speak with Gisela at the church, finding her to be an independent woman who would choose her own husband. Uhtred visited Beocca and Hild at Hild's nunnery, where he told them that he had great news, and asked them to sit and have wine as he told them. Days later, they arrived by boat, and Uhtred awaited his son's signal from inside the castle. As Kjartan's retainer Fiske inspected the heads, Kjartan noticed that one was missing, and he asked where Tekil's head was. Uhtred did not wish to rule in Mercia, but Edward said that Uhtred was rarely able to make his own choices, and that, if Uhtred refused, a great slaughter would ensue as Mercia fought against Wessex. Hastein slit the throat of a two-time thief over the grave, and an old man rose from the grave, terrifying Uhtred's men. Uhtred then visited Odda, who said that he had served Alfred well that day; Uhtred then told Odda that he was headed to his estate to see his wife and child. The next morning, Uhtred heard a messenger arrive at the castle, so he hid next to the church. Staffel von The Last Kingdom bei Netflix wartet, findet ihr hier alle wichtigen Infos. Brida then arrived and saw a ray of light shining on Aethelwold's body, saying that it was a bridge for Ragnar's spirit to head to Valhalla, and Uhtred and Brida briefly embraced before she broke off, remembering that they were on opposite sides of the battle. Uhtred then spoke to his men, saying that he could not offer them silver or a fortress, and that they would go down a hard, brutal path, although it would lead to them gaining something that every true warrior desired: reputation. Weitere Ideen zu das letzte königreich, filme, uhtred von bebbanburg. The crowd cheered at Edward's decision, and, when Beocca asked Uhtred where his path led, Uhtred said that he hoped that his path would eventually lead north to Bebbanburg, but that he would follow Edward. Beocca told no man to move and endanger the King, and Alfred warned Uthred that his act meant death for him. They found her whispering an incantation in her cell, and Alfred had Uhtred leave as they spoke. With the Danish threat vanquished, a pregnant Aethelflaed (bearing Erik's posthumous child) asked Uhtred if she could call on him when she needed him, and he agreed. Remembering Brida's instructions, Uhtred led Skade to the river, where she told Uhtred that she owned him as they made out. She also convinced a reluctant Uhtred to use Alfred's army to attack Beamfleot and end the curse. The next evening, Beocca told Uhtred that Ealhswith had rescinded his pardon. Aelfwynn said that she had proof of Eardwulf's culpability, saying that, in the pouch around his neck, he hid the ring that he had stolen from Aethelred on the night that he murdered him. Uhtred became the ruler of Cookham, where he, his wife, and his children settled into an estate. Uhtred then dismounted his horse and confronted Aethelwold, who begged for mercy and promised to go as far away as Uhtred wished. He also discovered that Aethelflaed, the children, and Edith were with Uhtred, so Edward sent Cenric and his men to track them and bring them back to Aylesbury. Brida decided that she would leave to meet with the younger Ragnar by herself, angry that Uhtred had made a promise to Alfred. Thyra remindeed Uhtred that he would always be her brother, and she then left with Beocca. Unfortunately, Sven's father Kjartan fled to Bebbanburg and informed Aelfric that his nephew was alive and able to be ransomed; both men wanted Uhtred dead. However, Sigefrid did not believe it to be a good price, and Sigefrid felt insulted and was angered by the offer. He then asked that Uhtred return to Aethelflaed and Aelfwynn and keep them safe until the conflict passed. He then told Brida that she should never have trusted Cnut, and she then left Uhtred. Uhtred then buried Beocca's cross on a hillside, grieving over his death; Finan again came to comfort him, and, when Uhtred told Finan of all that Beocca had done for him, Finan concluded that Beocca was like a father to Uhtred. She then said that he had to undo the past by destroying Alfred. Uhtred and his men then charged into battle, and the Welsh charged the Viking flanks from the woods. Osric then informed him that he could not raise a fyrd, as the local lords despised him, and Finan advised him to go without delay. After Godwin repeatedly insulted Gisela, Uhted slapped Godwin across the face, but Godwin fell dead front of the court, as his affliction had already impaired him; this shocked the court, and Queen Ealhswith was outraged, calling for Uhtred to be arrested immediately. (Henry Lewis). Uchtred or Uhtred, called the Bold (died 1016), was the ealdorman of all Northumbria from 1006 to 1016, when he was assassinated. uhtred von bebbanburg tod. Later, Uhtred privately spoke with Erik, who boasted 26 ships. Young Uhtred then began to pray for the men that Uhtred would kill on his quest for vengeance, and he then asked his father to show mercy; he said that forgiveness had power. He found living with the Danes freer than living with the pious Christians, and he embraced the Norse gods of Thor, Odin, and Hoder. The next morning, Uhtred told Brida that he would not continue his own life until he got Ragnar out of Niflheim, and they rode towards Leagaceaster to meet with Storri, who might be able to help. Ubbe demanded Odda's surrender, knowing that his army was weak after reading Storri's runes. When they arrived at the Danish camp, Hastein greeted Uhtred and informed him that Sigefrid and Erik had moved their fleet to Beamfleot, where they expected Uhtred to join them. Uhtred and Aethelflaed then prepared a battle plan at their new camp that evening, and he told Aethelflaed that he no longer felt that Bebbanburg was his destiny, as he came to believe in a higher plan that led him to her. Uhtred then agreed to the duel. Uhtred refused to beg for mercy, instead saying that he would never kneel before a king or the Christian God, and he was restrained by armed men, while Alfred ordered that he was to be executed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Uhtred was made the slave of Ragnar's blind father Ravn, who used Uhtred as his "eyes", and his new masters took a liking to him. Hild entered the house to ask Uhtred to speak with Beocca, and Uhtred agreed. However, before the lords could swear oaths to Uhtred, he instead decided that his first act as Lord would be to transfer rulership of Mercia to Aethelflaed, provoking initial outrage, as the Witan always had a preference that a man rule over Mercia. He then told the Witan that they had chosen to turn their eyes from Eardwulf's many intrigues, and said that Aethelred's death was the consequence of it. He then told her that he had to recover Skade, but Aethelflaed said that Uhtred needed an army. They set the Great Hall on fire, killing Ragnar and several other people; only Thyra survived. Uhtred then sent Offa as a messenger to the Danes, telling them that Uhtred was coming as a shadow walker, and that they would die as his brother died. However, as Uhtred met with Brida at the blacksmith's fire in the forest that night, the vengeful Kjartan and his son Sven returned to have their vengeance against Ragnar for his earlier insults. Uhtred was forced to spare Sigefrid to prevent Erik and his men from killing them, and Erik agreed to take one ship and leave Northumbria with his men. However, Sihtric had spotted the old man rise out of his grave and gasp for air without having received a man's blood, exposing the fraud.