Grey contemplated his investigation of O'Connell's death. It was there, after the Battle of Culloden and the death of John's friend and lover, Hector, that Hal explained that John must see his friend's body, in order to accept his death, grieve him, and move on. Throughout Jamie's parole, Lord John visits Helwater periodically to ensure Fraser's welfare. Consequently, he lives constantly with conflict, which makes him both deeply entertaining and easy to write about. In mid-June 1778, Jamie arrives at Lord John's house, very much alive, making John's marriage to Claire invalid. Grey reminds Quarry that the original pretext for their meeting at the party was some news Quarry had. Stapleton shows concern that Grey may let slip his true nature to his employer, Grey silently ensures that he has no intentions to do such a thing. That name deserves a moment. In 1756, after the prison is successfully rebuilt into a fortress, Grey arranges for Jamie to be paroled to Helwater, under the eye of family friend Lord Dunsany, instead of being transported to the American colonies for seven years of indentured servitude. A grateful Jamie offers himself to Grey, who declines, but Jamie kisses him. In the season four episode "Blood of My Blood", Grey and Willie visit Jamie and Claire in Fraser's Ridge, their homestead in North Carolina. To Grey's horror, Jamie reveals the truth about William's paternity. During the Battle of Monmouth, Percy Beauchamp visits Grey and warns him that his stepson William Ransom is in danger from Captain Ezekiel Richardson. Everett confesses that he had gone through the rites as well, and ultimately confesses to the murder of Robert Gerald; Everett had approached Gerald as a prospective lover, but Gerald rejected him. His mother suggests checking Fraser et Cie for his wine. At Ardamuir, Grey is reunited with Jamie. Family members [2][3] Recognizing Jamie as a wanted rebel and presuming Claire to be his prisoner, Grey attempts to save her. Secretly homosexual "in a time when that particular predilection could get one hanged", the character has been called "one of the most complex and interesting" of the hundreds of characters in Gabaldon's Outlander novels. Grey tells Tom to leave once they get to Lavender House. Bowles provides Grey with a letter bearing the Royal Seal to empower him to make his inquiries about O'Connell's death without question. However, he learns that the Frasers left the Ridge months earlier, intending to visit Scotland. Lord John, however, is a man who happens to love men. Grey asks Claire to marry him in order to protect her, and she agrees. "[46] Around this time, Grey is raped by an unknown fellow soldier, but keeps silent. Spouse(s) With the information he needed in hand Grey returned Stapleton to his home and went to his mother's to gather Tom. Brianna overhears. Upon Rab's arrival Grey sets aside his mail to learn what the chairman could offer. And that under Hal's direction a footman employed by Trevelyan was to watch O'Connell's every move but, Jack has been missing since around O'Connell's death. Afterwards, Isobel and William go to join Grey in Jamaica, but Isobel dies during the sea voyage. While waiting he is swarmed by a number of men. Still, Grey cannot dismiss his feelings. While Jamie takes William for a trip to prevent the boy from contracting the illness, Claire treats Lord John. Hours later, Grey is beaten up by Jamie for—among other things—sleeping with Claire. While with the Continental army, Lord John encounters Germain Fraser, who promises to keep his identity a secret. Lord John does not appear in person in The Fiery Cross, but he and Jamie exchange several letters throughout the novel. Grey Grey remembers that Claire Fraser experimented with ether, and hopes that she might be inclined to come to Philadelphia to operate on Henry. Gerard Grey (father) †Benedicta Stanley (mother)Sir George Stanley (step-father)Harold Grey (brother)Minerva Grey (sister-in-law)Paul DeVane (half-brother)Edgar DeVane (half-brother)Maude DeVane (sister-in-law)Percy Wainwright (step-brother) He woke hung over in the dark, naked, and in bed with Nessie. He never tells anyone but began carrying a dagger on him at all times. Quarry is shocked at the meeting's intended location, and offended that his cousin didn't confide in him. Edit Jamie decides to leave Helwater in 1764 as the boy's resemblance to him becomes increasingly apparent, and Grey becomes William's stepfather by marrying the boy's aunt and guardian, Isobel Dunsany. Though they develop a mutual liking for one another through their monthly discussions of literature and chess matches, Grey's feelings far surpass those of a friend, let alone a soldier's for his prisoner, and makes the mistake of acting on his attraction. Now blood-stained, he is forced to drink wine with a distinct taste of opium in it, then taken to a room and pushed inside the door, which is locked behind him. Da tritt erneut Lord John Grey in Jamies Leben und bittet um Hilfe gegen eine Verschwörung wider die britische Krone. Percy wants him to convey a message to the British government that he is willing to provide information on one of Washington's chief officers that could be used to turn that officer, in exchange for the Northwest Territory, which once belonged to France. She points out Sir Francis Dashwood across the room, and Grey recalls hearing about Dashwood's association, the Hellfire Club, that meets at Medmenham Abbey. Religion About a year later, John returns to North Carolina, this time to Cross Creek, where a pregnant Brianna awaits news of Roger and her parents. [52], This article is about the fictional character from Diana Gabaldon's Outlander. Grey introduces himself to the doorman as George Everett and asks to speak to the proprietor. Upon review of Quarry's note, he finds a broadsheet attached containing a rather invidious poem that gives undertones of speculation to Gerald's sexuality, and justice being served with his death. Upon the Frasers' return in May, Claire is grateful to Lord John for looking after their daughter in their absence. They strike a bargain and Claire operates on his nephew Henry. At age sixteen, he meets the infamous Jamie Fraser before the Battle of Prestonpans, and the two do not meet again until he becomes the governor of Ardsmuir, a Scottish prison. Grey and Tom chase after Trevelyan - finding themselves shanghaied on the Nampara bound for India. A romantic or a novelist might count the world well lost for love. Grey himself is shattered. Lord John stops at River Run in the course of searching for Roger Wakefield, as Jamie had asked him to do months ago, but Brianna apprises him of the developments in the search for Roger. In July 1776, Grey meets Percy Wainwright – who now uses the name Beauchamp and is a French spy – in Wilmington. However, he soon encounters another group of rebels, introduces himself as Bertram Armstrong, an American patriot, and finds himself swearing an oath of allegiance to the United States. Grey and Charlie Carruthers were both young officers in different regiments. Later, Fraser takes the blame for the presence of an illicit bit of Highland tartan in the prison block, and Grey has no choice but to have Fraser flogged as punishment. The festivities however, seeming to have a cheering effect as Grey noticed Jack smiling at a young maid. Grey gets drawn into conversation with Lady Mumford, Hector's mother. He eventually becomes the stepfather of Jamie's illegitimate son Willie, who is being raised as an earl, in "Of Lost Things". John könnte seinen alten Freund hintergehen. The Lord John series is a sequence of historical mystery novels and shorter works written by Diana Gabaldon that center on Lord John Grey, a recurring secondary character in the author's Outlander series. Everett takes the rope from Grey's robe, leaving him exposed, and wraps it tight around the girls neck to make it appear that she had been strangled. [44] He had been taught the use of a blade starting from age three,[45] and when John was seven, his godfather had begun taking him to the Beefsteak Club every Wednesday for lunch.[44]. The Scorpion, a troopship, has come alongside them and Tom rushes in to announce news from The Scorpion that they'd won Bengal. Grey's sense of honor, he explains, could not abide his allowing Wainwright to be punished for a crime he, Grey, is also guilty of. Grey returns to London in March 1777, and he and Dottie leave for Philadelphia in early April, to rescue Dottie's brother Henry who has been seriously wounded and is held prisoner there. Scanlon goes below to check with Trevelyan about possibly stopping to board the ship and sail back. In July 1777, John writes a letter to Jamie in which he asks Claire to come to Philadelphia to perform a surgery on his wounded nephew Henry Grey. (In the canon, it makes sense that Lord John would use an alias; he also attempts to hide his privileged status by adopting a Hampshire accent. English MSG: Gabaldon, Diana. Later in the evening, Claire witnesses Jamie and Grey embracing, and realizes that Grey has feelings for her husband. Fraser's reaction is instantaneous and violent; Grey dodges the blow and escapes, though not before seeing in Fraser a devastating vulnerability, and realizes that Fraser must have been victim to some similar threat, and worse. Dashwood speaks, giving rites similar to mass but to invoke the Master of Darkness, and an ape dressed as a bishop is brought out, jumping onto the altar and slobbering over everything. While Jamie gets to know Willie, Claire nurses Grey, who has contracted measles. Hal is about nine years older than John, and although it is unclear just how much older John's half-brothers are, John was about ten when Edgar married. One morning, Grey wakes up and finds Manoke lying on his bed, and the Indian kisses him and leaves. The group determine they need to discover who this Meyer is as he may be the spy master. The most Grey can determine for sure is that Dashwood didn't murder Gerald – at least not directly – as he has an alibi. Australian actor David Berry portrays Lord John Grey as an adult starting in Season Three of the Outlander television adaptation. While traveling during October 1768, to John's late wife Isobel's plantation Mount Josiah in Virginia, John makes the side trip with William to Fraser's Ridge wanting Jamie to have a chance to see his son in person. As related later in Voyager (1993), to most of Grey's own regiment he subsequently "had been a pariah and an object of scorn. Lord John Grey ist ein freundlicher Mann, der schnell einen Draht zu Jamie Fraser findet. After his first encounter with Jamie Fraser in the Carryarick Pass, which continues to be a source of mortification to Grey, he does not meet the man again until he is appointed the new governor of Ardsmuir Prison, where Fraser is a captive of war, though still a natural leader among the other Jacobite prisoners. A Breath of Snow and Ashes [48] In 1755, a scandal involving Everett causes Grey—now a major—to be reassigned to Ardsmuir Prison in Scotland, where he serves as Governor for a year and a half. [24][25] Gabaldon would also write four additional Lord John novellas between 2003 and 2011. An adult Lord John Grey is named the new governor of the prison in 1755, and the two form an awkward friendship, which is complicated by Grey's unrequited attraction to Jamie. Stubbs speaking a great deal regarding Trevelyan's activities and social prominence. His first impression of the German is that he is loud and uncouth, but it is improved by later events, in which von Namtzen assists Grey in the pursuit of the man who poisoned him, as well as the truth about a matter which may have deadly consequences for the army. Percy is discovered in flagrante delicto with a Hanoverian soldier by Grey and two of his men. Faced with hanging for this capital crime, Percy escapes to Ireland with Grey's assistance. In addition to puzzling out the Trevelyan mystery, Grey helps solve the murder of a fellow soldier who had been suspected of espionage. 1 (Original Television Soundtrack), Outlander: Season 1, Vol. A ship is spotted and Grey hopes it might be a way back to England. Gerald is invited to join them for drinks while Quarry asks what had taken place in the corridor. Grey finds himself in the company of Trevelyan and the very loud Von Namtzen. Grey tried to figure out if their fleeing had something to do with the murder of the man in the green dress, which occurred the same day. Grey eventually paroles Jamie at Helwater, the country estate of the Dunsany family, in 1756. Manoke is described as amused with Grey's appearance; he calls him "Englishman" and often smiles at him. He has long, blond hair and "large, beautiful" blue eyes.[42]. Grey tells Claire that he has often wondered what Jamie had seen in her, and remarks that she has Jamie's courage. With help from his niece Dottie and her fiancé Denzell Hunter, Grey escapes the next day. Olivia Stubbs (cousin)Dorothea Hunter (niece, goddaughter)Benjamin Grey (nephew)Adam Grey (nephew)Henry Grey (nephew)See Grey Family The pair fall deeply in love with a strong sexual chemistry after they are forced to marry for Claire’s protection. In order to make ether for the surgery, she requires oil of vitriol and learns that Lord John Grey purchased a quantity of it several months earlier. She has hinted that even if Hal wasn't directly responsible for John's exile to Ardsmuir (in the wake of a near-scandal involving George Everett), he almost certainly had a hand in it.[7]. Grey deduces that the murderer sought to discredit Gerald's name, as well as silence him – but why ruin the reputation of a dead man? He considers it to be his lucky dagger during many adventures in the future. [13][14][15][16] A photo of Berry as Grey was released in July 2017, prior to the season's debut in September 2017. This notion becomes short-lived when Grey receives word of a man in the nearby village raving about gold in a mixture of French and Gaelic. The bulge of her pregnant belly however is far from the fault of her husband as they well know he'd only recently returned to London. In 1746 John was attacked in the army's camp and raped. With a threat of revealing his true nature to his employer Stapleton was willing to assist and stop the flirtatious game. Season(s) 2. He also asks him questions about Jamie Fraser, claiming that he is looking for some man and wants to question Fraser, and mentions Grey's step-son William. Quarry teases Grey subtly, knowing the embarrassment that the young Major suffered at the hands of Jamie Fraser before the Battle of Prestonpans, but otherwise briefs Grey on the running of the prison and imparts some advice regarding its inmates. He is led out to the garden, then through a curious portal carved to resemble the female privates. Grey finds himself in the awkward situation of coming face to face with "Goldie-Locks", Neil Stapleton, in this meeting working as assistant to Hubert Bowles. Lord John Grey is an English soldier and diplomat. Trevelyan explains that he and jack are the ones that bashed the man's face in and dumped the body. Immediately after his father's death, Grey was sent to Aberdeen, Scotland, to stay with his mother's family and avoid the scandal, although it was not until much later in his life that Grey came to realize this was done for his own protection. Luckily he has not lost too much time with the poisoning it just being the next day. Quarry explains that he had learned that the offer Gerald had refused was an invitation to an event at Sir Francis Dashwood's home in West Wycombe. He also mentions Jamie Fraser and Grey's stepson William in the conversation, and Grey asks him to stay away from him and his son – he clearly doesn't trust Percy. He isn’t one you would feel is in a state of vulnerability given his status. Despite Quarry's suggestion that Grey meet with Fraser, whom the Jacobite prisoners consider their leader, to discuss matters concerning the prisoners' welfare, Grey stubbornly resolves not to face Fraser again. But Everett is a momentary distraction, and Grey is introduced to Lady Lucinda, who is doing her best to keep up appearances, in spite of her distress over her cousin's murder. As Grey and Rab negotiated the cost of his information Rab offers half his price to Nessie and declares he intends to marry her - once she buys the freedom from her contact. He reveals that his wife, Isobel, died while on the passage to Jamaica with William, and he travels now to his wife's estate in Virginia. [29][47], Around 1747, Grey's cousin Olivia Pearsall is orphaned, and becomes Hal's ward. Quarry finds that rather impossible as he'd discreetly asked around and found that Trevelyan goes to a brothel in Meacham Street - one Quarry goes to sometimes too. He tells her he was and after further prodding explained he could not wed his lover as they died - leaving out that his lover was a man. Gabaldon has confirmed that Everett was involved in the near-scandal that sent Grey to Ardsmuir in 1755, but only to the extent that "there was a near-scandal, and it involved George Everett".[9]. In January 1779, Grey meets William in Savannah when his son calls upon Lieutenant Colonel Campbell to speak on behalf of Jane Pocock, a prostitute arrested for murder. Grey receives notice early the following morning that that Scanlons had fled the area. Percy tells Grey that he loved him, but his feelings weren't be reciprocated, as Grey is still in love with another man (Fraser), and asks Grey to save his life for the sake of kindness that was between them. Eight days pass and Maria's condition had not improved. Once the Hellfire Club selected Gerald as a new member, Everett knew he could not risk that Gerald would tell the brotherhood what he was – a sodomite – and he decided to eliminate him as a liability. With how Rab spoke he didn't have any idea the lady in green wasn't a lady or the true nature of Lavender House, but Grey knew the house and that this investigation was going to take him to this place from his past. Grey's attempts to struggle result in his getting punched hard in the stomach, knocking the breath out of him. Doch aufgrund eines Skandals in seiner Vergangenheit wird er nach Nordirland versetzt, wo er die Leitung eines trostlosen Gefängnisses übernimmt. Grey determined this was probably where O'Connell had been hiding the papers. "David Berry as Lord John Grey!." However, if she lived they would live out their life in India. Returning to the party Malcolm Stubbs approaches Grey asking to marry Olivia before the regiment leaves. About The Lord John Series 4-Book Bundle. Wieso Lord Grey … The character makes subsequent appearances in Drums of Autumn (1997), A Breath of Snow and Ashes (2005), An Echo in the Bone (2009), and Written in My Own Heart's Blood (2014), as well as in The Fiery Cross (2001) by way of a series of letters to Jamie and his family. Grey doesn't believe William's claims and confronts Dottie in an attempt to figure out what the two are up to, however, he eventually does speak to Hal on William's behalf. He chose to not wake her or try to leave and laid back down with her. Grey becomes more aware that Jack harbors feelings for Trevelyan though Grey is uncertain if they are returned. In April 1778, Claire Fraser comes to Grey's house in Philadelphia, having learned that some months earlier he bought oil of vitriol, which she requires for making ether. The brothers lost their father when John was still a boy; consequently, Hal acts as a fatherly elder brother, looking after John while helping him make his own way. Gerald's lips move to speak, but the words do not come as he dies. Eventually, John agrees to fake an engagement with her, in order to throw off her other potential suitors while they wait for news of Roger. [24][25] Her next attempt was a larger manuscript that secured the author a deal for three full Grey novels: Lord John and the Private Matter (2003), Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade (2007) and The Scottish Prisoner (2011). And Jack worried - though not for Maria but for Trevelyan. Quarry tells Grey that O'Connell had been suspected of possibly stealing documents. Just as he would never stop loving Hector. Und der hat heimlich ein Auge auf Serienliebling Jamie Fraser geworfen. Lord John Grey (David Berry) begegnet Jamie und Claire bereits in Staffel 2 von "Outlander" als junger englischer Soldat. Caswell did confirm that in late April a servant came for Trevelyan and Trevelyan and his lady left together that day. Grey then learns that the Euterpe has sunk, and as Jamie Fraser is believed to have been on board, Grey delivers Claire news of her husband's death. Goldie-Locks makes some forward flirtatious remarks where Percy Wainwright is polite introducing himself and kissing Grey's hand. Grey determined the dress is the same that is worn by the mysterious lady in green that leaves Mags' brothel and travels by chair to Lavender House. While recoiling from Justice Margrave's comments of castration as a punishment for sodomy, he is greeted by Everett. What exactly did Lord John Grey do to end up at such a prison? On July 4, Grey looks for Dr. Benjamin Rush, who might be able to operate on Henry, whose condition is still serious. After witnessing Lord John paying a late night visit to the slave quarters, and guessing at his homosexuality, Brianna tries to blackmail Lord John into marrying her, threatening to expose him as a "pederast" if he refuses. The family was dishonored by the allegations, and an attempt to have the dukedom of Pardloe revoked was briefly made. Grey meets Maria Mayrhofer, suffering from malaria. When Claire and John meet again after a few days, she takes care of his swollen eye. Fraser rejects him completely, and their relationship is shattered. Briefly stationed at the town of Gundwitz with a group of English and Hanoverian soldiers, Grey is at first skeptical when he receives reports of a local succubus victimizing a number of men and murdering a Prussian soldier. Physical information Grey next sees von Namtzen, again in London, in 1760, while the Hanoverian is in town to place his children with his sister after the death of his wife. Grey is a fine swordsman, having first begun lessons at the age of three. Skin color Still, Grey returns to London and does his best not to think of Jamie Fraser, with varying degrees of success. Leaving Grey pondering what all Quarry heard pass between him and George Everett at the Hellfire Club. Ignoring inquiries about his clothes Grey sets to questioning about the deceased and looking over the body. Light blue Edit Doch seine Offiziersehre verpflichtet ihn, eine politische Intrige aufzuklären, deren Schlüssel allein bei Fraser liegt. Clan/Family Grey learns in the course of things that Trevelyan married her after her husband was murdered. Between 1755 and 1756, Grey is the governor of Ardsmuir Prison and befriends Jamie Fraser, who is one of the prisoners. In July 1776, without hesitation, when Jamie says he is in need of gemstones John gives him the sapphire ring that once belonged to his first love Hector. Jamie asks John to look after his family, should anything happen to him. Jamie writes to John and tells him that Brianna's son is named Jeremiah Alexander Ian Fraser MacKenzie, "Ian" being the Scottish version of "John", and informs him of his task of forming a militia and leading them to do the governor's bidding. MSG: Gabaldon, Diana. Grey notices the way Quarry's lips move to say 'Dashwood' and realized that's what Gerald was trying to say when he died. He keeps her talking with the story of how she ended up in London. He is also reunited with Stephan von Namtzen, who has married Louisa. There is also the tantalizing idea that if he, Grey, were able to locate the fabled Frenchman's gold meant for Charles Stuart during the Rising and hand it over to the Crown, he might escape his banishment sooner. Voyager Quarry tells him how more of that broadsheet and others like it had been put all around the city, and that people were making accusations that Gerald was a pederast and a member of a notorious sodomitical society. She tells him that at Olivia's age she doesn't know anything of the true nature of marriage and is currently only truly in love with her wedding dress. Outlander, a television adaptation of Gabaldon's series, premiered on Starz in August 2014,[5][6] with each season based on a novel in the sequence. Beyond the memories of it that he would carry, Lord John Grey would also carry a scar from Everett's blade down the side of his neck. When they arrive at the home of Mrs. O'Connell they are instead greeted by Finbar Scanlon the owner of the apothecary shop and the landlord. At the time, he respects Mrs. Malcolm's efforts to stop the spread of illness. Throughout the course of the series, their love for one another is depicted. The Custom of the Army Because Grey had been investigating Gerald's death and now knew the truth, Everett admits that he cannot let Grey live, either. One of Hal's brows flicked upward, but only momentarily. Claire Beauchamp Randall, die bis vor kurzem als Krankenschwester an der Front gearbeitet hat, verbringt die zweiten Flitterwochen mit ihrem Mann Frank in den schottischen Highlands. Lord John Grey’s becoming commander at Ardsmuir Prison was not a step up in the chain of command. Grey offers to join the widow walk after he dines with Quarry. Grey proposes to Claire – he can protect her, as well as Fergus's family – and they marry at Grey's house, with William being best man to Grey.