That also means super-sharp 720p content. DSR resolution) the resolution is not applied and the game run at native resolution. Nvidia DSR ist jetzt im Grafikkartentreiber aktiviert. This is a QUICK GUIDE for HOW TO setup Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) for Nvidia Geforce GTX graphics cards. DSR Factors. Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Section' started by ImAlwaysWrong, Mar 18, 2015. Aug 25, 2001 49,701 5,676 126. So what you see running 1440p using DSR, that is the performance you can expect using the same specs, running on an actual 1440p res screen. NVIDIA DSR Tried? a lot of the time when i try to use a DSR resolution, lets say 3840x2160 for example, sometimes immediately after i set the game to a DSR resolution my tv will change to 640x480 with a black blank screen and i cant get out of it. The Longest Journey/Dreamfall series Disable DSR on your Nvidia … Pages: 1. Plugged it in to see that I had all resolution options avalible up to 4kx2k 3840x2160 30hz limit which I was not excited about but for movies its fine whenever they release. I've been into Nvidia Control Panel and enabled all the resolutions but I'm not seeing them in the options for resolution in any games. Forum Actions. Make sure you have these settings set-up like this in order for it to work as intended. If you open the Nvidia Control Panel, then go to Manage 3D Settings, and scroll down you will find DSR Factors under the CUDA core option.Now when you click on the dropdown menu, you might have a hard time understanding what the number means and how they have anything to do with the native resolution that is written in the parenthesis. So the moment I found out about it, then naturally I started playing with the DSR … This is my favourite topic. nVidia DSR Problem EVGA GTX 980. my native resolution is 1920x1080. Thanks! Why does my NVIDIA control panel keep turning on DSR factors and smoothness? Apr 17, 2015 @ … DSR does not work with Optimus laptops. Forums. Nvidia DSR. I have to bring it down to DSR x3 with a lot of things on low (oculus quality all the way down) but it looks great. If so how does it look? Wij leggen je in 9 stappen uit hoe je de GPU in jouw gaming laptop of desktop optimaliseert. Community. Thread starter VirtualLarry; Start date Aug 25, 2016; Sidebar Sidebar. So Nvidia DSR worked fine with the GTX560TI only recognizing my SEIKI 4k 50in tv as 1080p which was fine as the DSR settings did enhance. People wouldn't be so afraid to upgrade their monitor anymore due to the compromise of bad performance vs blurry mess, if they have an NVidia card. Galera nesse vídeo mostramos um comparativo entre 1080p nativo vs 1440p DSR,acompanha Oct 27, 2017 731 Georgia. I am running sli titan x, with the latest nvidia drivers, but I dont see any option for dsr, anyone know if there is a workaround? Any good? Any impact on FPS? Vi spiego la tecnologia Nvidia DSR, che permette di migliorare la qualità delle immagini nei giochi, rendendole più precise e nitide. Setting the resolutions in nVidia CP makes some higher resolutions available to be used like customized ones. When using full screen it only uses windows borderless. NVIDIA has stated clearly that use of DSR gives u 1:1 performance. Discussion. Want to squeeze more out of your Nvidia card and get close to 4K on a standard monitor? A M D BugBear Ancient Guru. Elite dangerous @ DSR x4 is amazing. I have not messed around in here before, so I thought I … P.S. 3y. Jun 2017. guybirdster . Nvidia Dsr Factors I want to disable the DSR but when I restore the settings or manually unselect everything and hit apply the dsr settings just come back can anyone help me fix it? Anyone tried using Nvidia DSR in GTAV? I can't seem to find anyone else having this problem through Google. Hi i have a problem with DSR.Whenever i use optimal settings for Dota2 which is 2715x1527 , its either screen and mouse cursor is off , it freezes or both. It used to work tried different drivers latest and older drivers still … Previous Next VirtualLarry Lifer. Please list your full hardware specs & OS and I can tell you settings to use, and what to expect; if the system is setup well enough. NVIDIA DSR FIX - For those having issues with DSR(Dynamic Super Resolution) after the Windows Fall Creators Update. Aug 25, 2016 #1 How do you enable this? 0 1 10. Title. This new nVidia Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) can't be used fully in Windows 10. I contacted Unity Technologies and they said that Unity doesn’t support DSR natively and advised me to ask in Nvidia Developers Forum so here I am. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > ImAlwaysWrong Member. Dsr is pretty good but its all still smoke n mirrors. Is there an option to use fullscreen so i can use nvidia dsr in this game. GTX950 2GB, Win10 1607 64 … But after disabling DSR in NVidia CP cutscenes finally play beautifully and I can enjoy TLJ in all its glory. Very odd.. sometimes theres a small screen inside the game where it works but of course cursor is off and its annoying to see. Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Section' started by A M D BugBear, Jun 15, 2016. I am new to this whole area. Messages: 3,326 Likes Received: 354 GPU: 4 GTX 970-Quad Sli. I tried downloading 3.55.60 drivers, but … This thread should really be stickied. 06 Jun 4:32PM. The display has to be directly connected to the NV GPU for it to work. Dit zorgt voor minder haperingen, een betere beeldkwaliteit en mooiere kleuren tijdens het gamen. I'm getting 75fps on my gtx970 But event thought I get 75 fps there is definitely some lag or something else that makes it feel off. Close. This means only non-Optimus laptops, or the very few laptops which use a MUX chip to select between Hybrid/Discrete modes will work (ASUS and Clevo use this in select machines). re: nvidia dsr 2017-10-23, 4:52 AM Sadly, there is no way of doing that, but you can connect external monitor and get 3840x2160 resolution through your system. If it's an optimus one, you can't use DSR via Nvidia control panel You could try this this, but I don't know whether it strictly speaking is DSR. Tripwire-Stone Producer at Tripwire Interactive. NVidia DSR for desktop? Suggestion. < > Showing 1-15 of 29 comments . What would be the ideal setting the card that I have (Gigabyte G1 GTX 1070)? DSR is not working I can set it in the control panel but when I launch games they don't have the high res settings. But Windows 10 behaves with them like it does with customized high resolutions. DSR can be enabled with a single click in GeForce Experience, but it's thankfully a bit more customizable than that. I'm using a 970 with the 349 drivers. Graphics Cards. fenderjaguar. Hardware and Technology. Gaming Forum. Does not not matter how many filters or scaling NVIDIA throw at it its still 2.3 million pixels on your monitor. Hello. So now came the upgrade to the 970. DSR resolution is based on Native monitor resolution, so he always going to receive perfect 4:1 scaling per pixel.. what's worth to mention and I forgot before, that the 4x Factor is related to pixel output as was hinted in the second post of this thread, 4x DSR factor it's quadrupling the native monitor resolution output so let's image it's 1920x1080 that mean 2.073.600 pixels. Recently i heard of nvidia DSR, what ive heard is that it can make games go on a higher resolution than your monitor, for example if i have a 1080p display and enable dsr it will look like 1440p?? 6. I have a 1080p@60Hz display. I am making a game in Unity 5.4.0f3 and the problem is that if I set the resolution higher than the native resolution(i.e. Nvidia dsr, anything above native rez, screen goes black. How does Nvidia DSR work? Archived. So a DSR ratio of 0.25 on a 1440p monitor is 1280x720. The solution (if possible) would just be to have the system render the cursor all the time at the DSR resolution. Verified. To do that I need to turn DSR factors off but theres no option to turn it off, all I have in the DSR Factor dropdown is 1.20x - … Report Post. This would be an extremely helpful feature to have. I am in the Nvidia Control Panel and I see many options in the DSR Factors section. Dan optimaliseer je NVIDIA Control Panel, oftewel NVIDIA configuratiescherm. Posted by 3 years ago. Nvidia. As it happens, 2560x1440 is the "4K" of 720p. Um das Feature zu nutzen, müsst ihr aber es aber noch im Spiel selbst einstellen. Jun 2017. This thread is locked. Thread starter Tripwire-Stone; Start date Oct 5, 2020; Forums. Posted by sblantipodi: “nVidia DSR, wow!” dp69 said: Yes actual native 4k looks massively better. I want to create a custom resolution (1600x1080). Hello. Messages: 17 Likes Received: 0 GPU: GTX 970.